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Power Rankings: Warriors Came Out To Play

By Joe from GUS Leagues, 08/02/17, 3:30PM CDT


One Man's Take On One League's Teams

Power Rankings

If you're new here, you might be having a long first half of the season. However, if you've been around awhile, you know who's at the top and why. Still, there's a few new faces this season that are shaking things up. 

Here's my personal take on the power rankings, agnostic of record.


Immortals Live On

#1 Immortals Reign Supreme

These guys aren't even supposed to be here. They've run the Wednesday league for what seems like forever. If I recall, they may have the last 4 seasons in a row.  Further, their first game, a late entrance into the league when their bid to move up to Mondays collapsed, was against a version of the Monday Competitive champs from last season, Mana, who also moved when the Monday league took a break. Immortals came out unscathed in an overtime heater. 

The trick to Immortals is that they will both shoot the lights out and they will outlast you. They will almost rope-a-dope you into comfort in the first few minutes, and then drill you mercilessly for the final 30 minutes. They're beatable, but you better not slack. Check their player stats, there's no room for error. They're going to cruise into the semi finals this season, and are the favorite to take the ship... again.

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1/1 D Smith's received my vote for player coach of the year.

Get To Know The Warriors

Get To Know The Warriors

#2 Warriors Came Out To Play

If you don't know these guys yet, they deserve to be known. New to Wednesday nights, they're tearing through the competition, even knocking off Riding Pine in an early season matchup. They also dismantled the stalwart Mighty B's as well. 

They have an entire starting lineup averaging double digits in the points column, so you'll want to come with it on the defensive end if you don't want to find yourself of the receiving end of the L.

Riding Pine off the Bench

#3 Riding Pine is Sturdy

Riding Pine has only lost to who I would consider to be other top teams. The Warriors squeaked out a victory and Immortals... well we won't talk about it. It was an informative game for Riding Pine... 

But Riding Pine took out Mana in a game that went down to the wire, and in typical fashion they outlasted their competition. Ant, Paul, Johnny, Kevin, Nnambi -- too much size. if you're not going to win from the perimeter, you're not going to win against Riding Pine. Remember I said it.

Right On in full affect!


#4 Mana Extracts Wins

It feels weird to acknowledge Mana as anything other than the best. Refugees from the on-hiatus Monday Competitive league, Mana is a shell version of themselves. While they have all the right pieces to win it all, chemistry has been a minor hurdle in their losses this season. I know the version of Mana that lost in the first week battle with Immortals wasn't Mana at full strength, and in their last week loss to Riding Pine, they were missing a body or two as well.

That being said they've only lost to the best. Even with a 3-2 record I'm pushing them over the top of a few borderline teams.

Note: they have crushed any team not in this top 5 alive thread.

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Mighty B's

#5 Mighty B's, Still Tough As Ever

Travis, Josh and gang are still bringing the heat. Their first real test this season resulted in them losing in grand fashion to the upstart Warriors, but I fancy that an outlier not likely to repeat. Admittedly, halfway through the season, their strength of schedule doesn't seem to be the most stout, but ask me, and  they'll finish in the top 4-5 this season. Mighty B's is never to be taken lightly and crushed their way into the semis last season. Know when you see them on your schedule, you might be the easy game, not them.

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