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Basketball Rules


Rosters must be submitted to a GUS Representative before the start of the season. There is no roster cap for teams. In order for a player to be eligible for playoffs, they must play in at least one regular season game.


Teams are responsible for bringing their own jerseys. Numbers are required, as they are necessary for the accuracy of your stats. Teams should bring both a light and a dark colored jersey/shirt. Teams not complying with this requirement will be subject to a team technical foul before the game begins, and their opponent will take 2 free throws.

Game Rules:

All players MUST sign the GUS Leagues Waiver to play and be on their team’s Official Roster. These documents can be printed and filled out electronically prior to the season.

The game rules follow standard UIL guidelines (NFHS) unless otherwise stated. Below are the pertinent game rules to keep in mind.

1. Each game consists of two 20 minute halves with a running clock. The clock will only stop during a play stoppage in the last two minutes of the game or upon a timeout.

2. Each team will get two timeouts per half. Time outs do not carry over to the next half. A team is not able to advance the ball to half court on a timeout. A timeout is not automatic, it must be granted by the official. Only a player on the court may call timeout. If a timeout is called and the team has none, a technical foul will be assessed – (Chris Webber Rule). The first overtime, each team has one timeout. Regulation timeouts do not carry over into overtime.

3. All players except the shooter will play the release on a free throw. The shooter and all players outside of the three point lane must play the rim. Should a player enter the lane before the ball is released, a lane violation will be called.

4. There is a no stalling rule. If the officials deem a team to be stalling, they may institute a thirty second shot clock at any time. There is a mandatory thirty second shot clock in the last two minutes of regulation.

5. There is a ten second back court call.

6. A team reaches the bonus after seven team fouls. A team in the bonus will shoot free throws one and one for each additional foul. At ten team fouls, the double bonus rules apply and the team will shoot two free throws.

7. The shot clock will reset to thirty seconds when the ball hits the rim. The shot clock does not restart for fouls or timeouts.

8. Substitutions are allowed at any dead ball. Players wishing to sub into the game must let the score keeper know, and may not sub in until called into the game by the officials.

9. Overtime will two minutes of gameplay with a 30 second shot clock instituted at the one minute mark. Double Overtime will be one minute long with a thirty second shot clock. Triple overtime will be sudden death.

Personal Conduct Rules:

Players should be respectful of all league representatives, referees and fellow players. A technical foul may be administered for disrespectful behavior at the discretion of the referees.

If a technical foul is called, the result is two free throws and the ball. A player must sit out one minutes after being assessed a technical foul. Two technical fouls will result in ejection from the game. A technical foul also results in a team foul, but no additional free throws will be granted for bonus situations. If one team gets three technical fouls, the game will end with the team receiving the technical being assessed a loss for personal misconduct regardless of the in-game score.

If a player retains two personal technical fouls (delay of games not included), that player must leave the premises. A player receiving two personal technical in one game will not be eligible to play the next game. He must sit out at least one game before returning to league play.

A team that has two games called due to personal misconduct will be ejected from the league with no refund.

No jewelry is allowed during game play with the exception of religious jewelry. A player will be given one warning to remove jewelry. If the player refuses to cooperate, they may be assessed a technical foul.

Fighting is not tolerated in any way and will result in an immediate ejection from t he game and possible suspension or ejection from the league.

A person excessively violating the personal conduct rules may be suspended or ejected from the league.

If your team must forfeit, please let the league coordinator know so that we may alert the other team captain. This is a common courtesy. A team that forfeits twice will be expelled from the league with no refund.

Playoffs are determined by overall record, THEN head to head, THEN point differential.  The playoff format will vary by league, but as a rule of thumb, you will need to win 3 to 4 games in order to have a chance to qualify for the playoffs. 

All players must be at least 18 years of age.

All other rules are standard UIL rules (NFHS).